Nature Farm

Mike Daly



Mike was raised on a family farm in Canterbury and has had a career in agricultural and horticultural research spanning 24 years, culminating with the Crown Research Institute, AgResearch. 

Mikes science career began in the High Country (Tara Hills research Station), progressed to the plains of Mid Canterbury (Winchmore Research Station) and then on to Lincoln (CASC) with AgResearch for 15 years.  Mike gained a wide skill base in applied research in arable, horticulture and pastoral systems, with more than 50 published papers and conference/seminar papers. Mike has gained an international reputation in organic farming and applied micro-organism technologies for farming systems with presentations to six Biennial International IFOAM conferences on Organic Farming from 1992 to 2005.

Since leaving AgResearch in 2002,  his focus has been the establishment of  Naturefarm, for the manufacture and sale of microbial technologies. 

Mike is also actively involved in the research and development of microbial technologies for integration into products for increased efficacy, and then the impact of these technologies on farming systems and the environment.