Nature Farm


Our focus is to create microbial additives that help to achieve the goals of our partners products including increased product performance, improved yields, increased biological activity, sustainable food production and environmental conservation.

We create solutions for - 

Soil Effluent Environment

Silage Plant Feed

The opportunity is simply microbial solutions that offer significant benefits when used in conjunction with other products for the soil, plant & environment. Naturefarm technologies are based on natural ingredients and qualify for organic certification. The benefits to using our microbial technologies include:

Low CostIMGP0347compressed

The base products are low cost and manufactured in Christchurch with local ingredients. Making it a perfect additive in addition it can be expanded significantly to improve the overall impact on a products cost of goods sold, while contributing significantly to improved performance.

Compliments Existing Products

One of the major benefits to using our microbial technology is that that it works by getting nature to function the way it was meant to. This means that when added to soil for example, it enhances the nutrients already available while also making fertilisers and other added nutrients (both organic and conventional) work more effectively and produce greater yields.


Micro-organisms have an enormous potential for helping the increase the potency of fossil fuel based inputs therefore increasing production, profitability, and meeting environmental standards that maintain and enhance our natural resources. Contact us for further details on the trials we have run.

Organic & Sustainable Product

Our microbial products are certified organic by BioGro. BioGro is New Zealand's leading Organic certification agency. Our customers can be guaranteed that our range meets BioGro’s high standard for organics.

A Variety of Product Applicationsnews1

Our microbial inoculates are a technology that covers a wide range of uses.

Today they are used in many systems pertaining to agriculture and environmental management. These range from crop and animal production systems, to livestock and aquaculture units. They are also used widely in environmental management for decomposition and more importantly for recycling of wastes, both solids and liquids.

For more information download our strategic partnership proposal